About Me

Katja Leslie

BA Hons, Dip PC, Dip Hyp CS

Who is Katja?

I am not someone who pretends to have this journey of life ‘sorted’. I am real, authentic and a believer in honest, transparent therapy. Each connection with a client is a privileged journey where, together, we will explore and create, deep dive and discover. Above all, I view you as an equal, a fellow brave journeying soul.

I am approachable, open, humourous, and humble. Katja the ‘therapist’ is Katja the person as a whole and it is vital to me that I show up as myself.

My ethos in my work, but essentially in all aspects of life is very much to empower people to walk confidently and happily along their own life’s pathway, with empathy, humanity, and heart-centred focus at the fore of all my work.

Katja is also a deep spiritual seeker, crazy cat lady and lover of laughter, yoga and long forest walks.

My Journey

My path towards becoming a therapist began over 25 years ago, through my own journey of self-exploration, healing, and empowerment. I had always had a curiosity about all things spiritual and psychological and instinctively knew that supporting others in some way would be may path.

In my 20’s I went through a healing journey due to chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, and insomnia. I do believe that times of illness are often the precious moments in life when we begin to search, open up to more expansive energies and dive deeper into who we are and what is important in our lives.

In my 30’s I experienced an abusive 2nd marriage, which I do believe gave me more awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence than any course I undertook in my therapeutic training. I hold gratitude for the tools, self-awareness and deep inner guidance this challenging time in my life afforded me.

I am passionate about relationships; the one with ourselves and those we have with a partner, family member, friend, or colleague. My relationship journey with myself and others has given me a powerful awareness of the growth, lessons, highs and lows such connections can elicit. I believe this has made me a better counsellor for individuals and couples and has most certainly made me a strong advocate of non-judgement and respect.

Through my training in many therapeutic modalities, as well as in attending workshops in many of the therapies I now offer, I realised I wanted to be able to offer a service that would facilitate healing of the person as a whole, encompassing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects.

My training has incorporated Reiki healing, Spiritual life coaching, Past life regression healing, Energy and Inner child healing, Hypnotherapy, Gastric band hypnosis, Psychotherapeutic counselling, Emotional freedom technique, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Angel card reading and Meditation and Workshop facilitator as well as Indian head massage therapist.

The wonderful mix of therapeutic qualifications enables me to offer a bespoke service to each client; tailoring a package to encompass each person’s needs and goals.  I feel passionately about my work and about supporting others through their personal journey.

I love to learn and am committed to my own path of growth. I am also an avid writer and my second book entitled ‘Love Around The M25’ is something I am deeply proud of. It has also been a way to share my journey in my trademark authentic way.

Each of us is a ‘work in progress’ and I feel honoured to connect with others along their journeys. Humour, humility, authenticity and positive thinking are the ingredients I like to bring to my work.

In my practice I work with adults (also couples), children and adolescents and am always happy to discuss individual requirements.

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