1 to 1 Coaching

Create your own tailor-made day or half day of personal coaching with Katja.

Choose from a range of empowering topics & mix & match to create your perfect experience!


Psychic Development, Grounding & Psychic Protection, Relationships, Abundance & Gratitude, Journey to the Heart, Learning to love yourself, Angels, Archangel Michael, Boundaries & Confidence, Vision Boards & affirmations. Many more topics are available, including Chakras, Ascended Masters, Akashic Records, Reincarnation, Life After Death, Past Lives, Numerology, Empowerment, Tarot & Angel Card Reading & many more.

Please enquire for a full list of available coaching topics. Each topic includes a guided meditation, dynamic teaching & coaching pack.

Day package includes lunch and all refreshments. Cost £333 – 10.30-3.30pm. Choose two topics.

Half day package includes refreshments & cake. Either 10.30-1pm or 2-4.30pm Cost £166. Choose one topic.

(Packages for small groups of friends can also be arranged)

Psychic Development

Would you like to tap into your psychic centre & enhance your abilities?

  • Learn how to develop your intuition & connection.
  • Meet your Spirit Guide through guided meditation.
  • Enjoy fun, practical exercises to tune in, receive guidance & enjoy developing new psychic skills.
  • Psychometry & more.

Gain new skills you can bring into your everyday life to enhance your connection and spiritual tool kit.

Grounding & Psychic Protection

Create a beautiful spiritual foundation from which to keep your feet on the ground while you reach for the stars!

  • Learn why Grounding is so vital on your path & how to ground yourself.
  • Psychic protection – understand why we need it & discover different ways to invoke it.
  • Enjoy grounding meditations & psychic protection visualisations.


Relationships can be our greatest teachers; incorporating both joy and challenge.

  • Learn to communicate honestly and effectively.
  • Gain insight into why we have relationships & how we grow through them.
  • Create positive & empowering relationships.
  • Guided relationship meditation.

Manifest Magic & Abundance in your life

Learn to harness your powerful potential and create an abundant and positive life for yourself.

  • Discover how gratitude can manifest magic in your life.
  • Learn how to put the ‘dance’ back into abundance!
  • Remove blocks to abundance & magic.

Journey to the Heart

Facilitate gentle, loving healing & nurture of the heart centre to promote forgiveness, release resistance to change & open up to compassion for ourselves & others.

Open your connection to:

  • Dissolve the myth of separateness.
  • Heal emotionally & physically.
  • Facilitate forgiveness of the self & others.
  • Create deeper connection in relationships.
  • Experience deep inner peace.

Learning to Love Yourself

Forming a loving relationship with ourselves is key to navigating life.

  • Discover the keys to self-love.
  • Fill your life with empowerment.
  • Learn how to establish healthy boundaries in all your relationships.
  • Remove blocks to your highest potential.


Learn to connect with the beautiful, loving energy of the angels and to work with them in your daily life.

  • Meet the Archangels.
  • Learn how to give angel card readings.
  • Enjoy a guided meditation to meet your Guardian Angel.
  • Receive guidance from Angel oracle cards.
  • Bring Angelic guidance into your everyday life.

Archangel Michael

Learn how to connect to this powerful spiritual protector.

  • Discover techniques to invoke his protection.
  • Enjoy a guided meditation to meet Michael.
  • Experience a powerful cutting cords ceremony where we will also be cutting any vows or oaths made in past lives.
  • Receive guidance from Archangel Michael through oracle cards.

Boundaries & Self-Confidence

Learn how boundaries and self-confidence can enhance and empower your life!

  • Learn how to implement & maintain healthy boundaries in all your interactions/relationships.
  • Is saying ‘no’ a challenge, perhaps you feel people walk all over you? Healthy boundaries ensure that we can live an authentic life & create relationships based on mutual respect.
  • Learn how to bring confidence into your life, body language and interactions with others.

Vision Boards & Positive Affirmations

Harness powerful change in your life through vision boards and positive affirmations.

  • Learn how to create a vision board to bring in positive feelings, situations and goals into your life, as well as learning about the positives we all possess.
  • Manifest positive change in your life through affirmations; learn what they are and how to create them.