Taking the first step to decide to come to therapy and ask for help takes courage.  I offer a sincere, honest, and warm approach in a relaxing, nurturing, and confidential environment.

Sessions are tailored to your needs and requirements and go at your pace. My role is to support as we explore, discover, discuss, and create.

The sessions offer a space for you to talk about your current issues and to explore the surrounding feelings, in an environment that is dependable, free from intrusion and confidential.  The sessions can provide you with a safe, nurturing space to take a closer look at aspects of your thoughts, feelings, or behaviours you may wish to change, in order to enhance your life, clarify your goals and essentially move forward in your life in a more centred, positive and empowered way.

Sessions are an opportunity to explore and reflect on yourself, relationships, past and present experiences, as well as looking at patterns you may wish to release or change. The therapeutic relationship serves to develop self-awareness, encourage self-compassion and resilience, and foster deeper emotional intelligence, enabling you to move forward and make choices and decisions about your life.

The counselling relationship is quite unique, and it is imperative that you feel safe, heard, and relaxed. It is designed to empower you by enabling you to look more closely at problems and challenges within a safe environment. It is my ethos and practice that this is all underpinned by the therapist’s attitude, personality, and unconditional positive regard for their client. It is also a relationship that is equal, therefore it is my keen wish that each person can develop increased personal awareness as a result of their counselling experience, thus living a more satisfying life.

You may come to counselling because of difficult experiences you have been going through, such as a relationship breakdown, bereavement, or redundancy.  I can support you through a wide range of emotional, behavioural, physical, and spiritual challenges and situations. Some may stem from your past or others may be triggered by more recent events.

You may want support dealing with feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, or low self-worth that don’t seem to be connected to any particular event.  Through the creation of a strong therapeutic relationship, with empathy, respect and unconditional regard at its core, counselling can give you the opportunity to explore, discover and create a happier, healthier you.

I offer a free, no obligation 20-minute discovery call so that we can discuss your situation and you can ask any questions you may have prior to booking your initial session.

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Cost:  £60 per hour session

Couples Counselling: £90 per hour.

Zoom Counselling session:  £60 per hour.

To book your session, please contact me via the ‘Contact Page’ to arrange a time.