Dark Night Seeks Luscious Light

I’ve missed you Pathway Therapies tribe!

But I’ve been here, traversing the experiences which can so often call us to go deeply inwards, to cocoon.  In that cocoon new levels of wisdom, awareness and gratitude can germinate and flourish. 

I’ve been away on a gap year of sorts!  And while I don’t have beautiful photos to share, nor do I have an amazing suntan, what I do have is a deeper resonance with self; a new level of growth and a deeper gratitude for life, which I look forward to sharing with you in time, through my therapies and connections.

During my absence I’ve journeyed through trauma, grief and darkness, to a deeper place of peace through adversity.  The gap year still has, as yet unfinished threads to complete, but I am connecting with you due to my enduring belief that it is through the owning and sharing of our vulnerabilities, our authentic journeys and experiences, that we offer an opportunity for others to find value, solace and positivity in their own dark night of the soul and the gift such experiences can bring.

As a therapist and also as a fellow journeying soul, it is humbling to be someone others may look to for direction or support.  It is however vital that I show up and share the moments of my life that can be raw and real.  Those who have connected with me in the past will know that authenticity is the essence of my work and an expression of my soul.



During this past year I have experienced another dark night of the soul; indeed, my soul has, it seems, chosen to evolve through traversing the path less trodden!

Following a period of huge change, initiated by grief over the loss of two dear animal companions a week apart, relocation to somewhere not compatible with mine or my son’s vibration and energy, a time of deep introspection, challenging experiences, loss and quiet has ensued.


Hermit mode had to be activated and there is most certainly another book in the offing in due course!


This past year my light has drawn in the darkness; the darkness has sought to dim my light and my essence.  Love and light, however, will always prevail, no matter the story darkness wishes you to subscribe to.

Life is a delicate unravelling, an exploration, a surrender; a dance between dark and light and the many hues that lie in-between.



The dark night of the soul can be a rite of passage that has for many been synonymous with depression, grief and suffering that strip away one’s very identity; a life altering journey that leaves nowhere to hide and no safety net.  It is perhaps though one of the most transformative experiences a person can have.  A cathartic process often incorporating challenges which are life-shaking, touching the foundations of experience; the soul itself.

Deep change on every level of being.

It can be a collapse of perceived meaning in life.  A dark night of the soul is an initiation, taking us from one phase of life to another.  The darkness has a voice; it can give tone to our bearing and expression.

By bravely journeying through the darkness, we can awaken into something deeper, having experienced the death of an egoic sense of self.  A rebirth.

As I’ve learnt many times this past year, growth, wisdom and knowing oneself more deeply and profoundly is not something a book or guru can teach us.  Rather, it is an attainment and awareness that comes from experience.  We become intimate with fear, despair, or hopelessness and from that place a rebirth of self can occur.



We incarnate to have these experiences; there are no mistakes.  We haven’t ‘failed’ when life calls for us to go inwards.  In those moments of despair our very essence, our soul is literally cheering us on!

Expansion, transformation.

An awakening of a deep inner knowing.

Through surrender we find freedom.

The dark night is a reaching for the light.  Through traversing grief or despair, we are offered a deeper connection to the light.

My journey continues, Pathway Therapies tribe.  Many puzzle pieces still need to fall into place, and they will; they are.

In the meantime, it is good to be back, and I look forward to hearing from you about your journeys this past year.  Perhaps you have your own dark night of the soul story to share.  While I may not quite be offering my therapies again just yet, I will very much enjoy re-connecting with you all.



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