Energy Healing

Energy work involves deep, heart centred clearing where, together, we can access the initial point within your present life where you underwent pain, trauma, resentment or felt disconnected; essentially when fear overshadowed love.  The beauty of these processes is that you don’t need to necessarily know the initial traumas that have remained frozen within you.

Through nurturing, guided processes I will assist you in clearing long held traumas, fears, blocks or beliefs which have been manifesting in repetitive negative, fear-based or destructive patterns throughout your life, in the form of relationships, experiences, feelings and lack of self-worth, abundance and happiness.

Through these powerful energy clearing processes you can access your own inner healer and heal the parts of you that felt disconnected – often in early childhood, where the energetic ripple effects have permeated your life, into adulthood.

In order to open up to the flow of abundance and manifestation, we have to heal our blocks, resulting in connecting to who we truly are. 

Processes include:

  • Earth Star/Soul Star Connection
  • Emotional Wall Clearing Process
  • Projector Process
  • Colour Healing
  • Time Travelling & Healing Hearts
  • Cutting of Energetic Cords/Forgiveness
  • Soul Rebirthing
  • Mirror Process
  • Vow & Oath Clearing from Present Life, Past Live & In-between lives.

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Energy Healing Sessions cost £70 per hour’s session.