Mar 30 2020

21 Day Online Mind Detox Challenge

  • 09:00 AM
  • Online Closed Facebook Group

21 Day Online Mind Detox Challenge

Commencing Monday 30th March as Closed Facebook Group & running for 21 consecutive days.
Just as we detox our bodies to feel better, cleansing our minds supports healthier perspectives, better coping mechanisms, lowers stress & enables more positive outlooks.
As the planet is going through times of tremendous change at the moment, ensuring that Mind, Body & Emotions remain calm, balanced & healthy is vital.
The key to a positive outlook & creating new perspectives, habits & mind-sets is practice & repetition, hence the programme being for 21 days.

What you’ll Enjoy:

* Daily tasks & focus points, * Support, Encouragement & a Safe Space to be heard, from myself & your fellow 21 day Detoxers in this Private Closed Group
* Daily Goal Setting
* Motivational Mantras & Mood Enhancing Inspiration
* Self-Discovery through Mindful Daily Check ins; the space to
   truly connect with YOUR Goals, Needs & Self
* Increase your Emotional Intelligence
* Video Motivational Snap Shots from me throughout the course
* Practical Tools to Empower, Enrich & Transform your Life

What you Need to do:

* Message me via or to join the Group

What it Costs:

£15. Your place and invitation to the group is confirmed upon payment.