May 20 2018

Inner Child Workshop

  • 02:00 PM

Reaching your true desire & creating a life of fulfilled dreams is a matter of getting back in touch with your true essence; your inner child. There is a place inside each of us that was perhaps unheard, where our needs weren’t met or we were belittled or ignored. Cultivating a relationship with your inner child can bring clarity & recognition of your true self & creative potential.

This nurturing workshop will help you to:

~ Meet & connect with your inner child
~ Build trust, support & joy
~ Release emotional wounds
~ Cultivate fun & a nurturing space to support your inner child
~ Learn inner child healing techniques

Through guided meditations, empowering teaching and nurturing techniques you will gain the skills to create a loving & supportive relationship with your inner child.

Cost: £22 to include workshop pack, tea & cake.  2-5pm