Jun 09 2018

Love Without Surrender Workshop

  • 10:30 AM

Join us for an empowering day workshop for single/coupled women to create & maintain relationships based on being authentically you!

Do you often find yourself putting your partner’s needs ahead of your own? Do you tend to lose yourself in your romantic relationships or feel nervous to voice your needs? Are you surrendering your individual path of growth?

The good news is that all this can change! The aim of this workshop is to embrace relationships without losing sight of who you are, either in your existing relationship or when entering into a new one.

We’ll be focusing on why women often lose themselves in a relationship, how to create balance between maintaining your own life as well as enjoying togetherness. Learn how to find your voice, embrace your uniqueness & lovingly maintain your personal power.

Enjoy dynamic teaching, guided visualisations, practical exercises, fun & connection with like-minded women.

Cost: £55 to include lunch, tea, cake, all refreshments & workshop pack.

10.30 am – 4.30 pm