Sep 14 2022

Spirit Chill Meditation & Spiritual Development Group

  • 06:30 PM
  • Crowborough, East Sussex

Calm is my Superpower!

Tonight we’ll be diving into a fabulous Holistic Workout to bring calm, balance, simplicity & stillness to mind, body & soul.


As a calm superhero, you will gain the awareness that you have the ability to own your emotions.

It’s easy to get upset. It’s easy to get angry and strike out. It’s easy to get offended & take things personally, even when they weren’t intended to be so.

What isn’t easy is choosing to be calm in a fearful society.
  • Being calm does not mean you’re weak. On the contrary, being calm is an incredible strength.


  • Calm is a superpower. It helps you navigate the complicated waters of our modern world by enforcing a strong sense of self. 


  • To develop your abilities as a calm superhero, we’ll be focusing on tools, techniques & mindsets to ensure you take time each day to find stillness to tune in to your inner guidance. 


Enjoy guided meditations, support from angel oracle cards, dynamic teaching & a chance to connect with like-minded people in a nurturing, empowering space.

Cost: £15 to include session notes & refreshments.
Pre-booking is required as spaces are limited.

Please book via the Paypal link below to secure your place.