Oct 08 2018

Young Person’s Confidence Club

  • 07:00PM

Mum’s / Dad’s – do you have a sensitive young person who would like to join us to meet & connect with like-minded young people in a safe, nurturing space?

The aim of the group will be to provide a space where they can feel safe and heard; to learn about, share and empower themselves in all things spiritual such as grounding, keeping their energies balanced, asking the angels for help, as well as learning all about confidence and inner calm.

The evening will have a meditation, a topic we will explore and discuss and time to chat and connect together.

This month’s topic will about being grounded; what is it, how to stay grounded and we’ll be doing a grounding meditation.

My vision is to create a lovely space for young people to feel proud, confident and balanced within themselves.

Cost: £10 to include refreshments & session notes.