Apr 17 2018

Young Person’s Confidence Club

  • 07:00 PM
  • Crowborough

Mum’s / Dad’s – do you have a sensitive young person aged 10+?

Would they like to join us to meet & connect with like-minded young people in a safe, nurturing space?

Tonight we will be learning all about Positive Affirmations. Positive thinking brings about positive results and helps us to open up to possibilities and all the goodness life has to offer, brings confidence and self-worth.

An affirmation is a positive word or sentence that you repeat to yourself to help you feel better, feel confident and happy.

Just as we eat healthy food to help our bodies grow strong and healthy so we have positive and happy thoughts to help our minds so we can grow up feeling strong and confident inside.

I will be teaching what affirmations are, how to create them and work with them.

Receive support from Unicorn Cards, enjoy guided visualisations and connect with like-minded young people.

£10 to include session notes & refreshments.