“The Way is not in the sky.  The way is in the heart.”
–  Buddha

The journey to the heart is a sacred, meandering river; vulnerability, radical self-love and inner connection the tributaries that connect…..flow……   It is the call to the brave souls to let themselves in; to commence the dance within their essence……

The heart that feels, opens, closes, delights, craves, hurts, beats to the rhythm of life – blessed holder of the wonder of life.

Through no specific agenda of topic or direction with this blog, it finds me in reflective mood; observing delicate musings of a heart that is honouring the call to expansion, to knowing itself and to opening itself up to an inner voyage of deeper significance and flow.  Within this energy of gentle and loving reflection I invite you to partake of your own sacred heartfelt dance; the dance to deepen that most reverent of relationships – the connection within your own heart.

A heart that is closed is a heart that feels withdrawn, shut-down and lonely; akin to being trapped in a prison of our own making – an empty room with that light switch we cannot reach….. An open heart feels the emotional resonance and flow of ourselves and those around us.  Too open however and the ensuing lack of boundaries and overwhelm can equally result in a challenging place to be.

The heart that is balanced through discernment, inner centredness and worth, feels connected to life, safe to opening up to give and receive love from others; worthy of love.   We find ourselves neither in excess nor lack.  We are in balance; honouring ourselves and allowing the magic of connection with others.

Balance within the heart transforms into actually feeling love; an inner knowing; a sanctuary of peace amid life’s flow.  Self-acceptance is the language of heart-felt balance and synergy.  Where we accept ourselves and are no longer disparaging or critical of our human imperfections, we open and heal our hearts.  We allow intimacy with ourselves and others; our vulnerability is most certainly our strength, our guiding light and our growth.

Your heart is the centre of your feeling; listen to your heart’s intelligence which can guide and support you throughout your life.  Many practices such as mantras, yoga, meditation and more can deepen your heart-felt relationship with self.

Recently I undertook a new experience attending a sweat lodge ceremony. A challenging and emotional experience in many ways, however, the enduring feeling is one of heart-opening; of resonance with my being and a connectedness to the beauty, fragility, wonder, delight, vulnerability, release and love of the heart.

With heartfelt blessings and love to you and your beautiful heart.

Namaste x

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