Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing can be a gentle and nurturing way to release limiting self-beliefs, heal your child’s heart and achieve your true destiny. Healing your inner child can help to create a personal life of happiness, peace and passion.

Reaching your true desire and creating a life of fulfilled dreams is a matter of getting back in touch with your true essence; your inner child. There is a place inside each of us that was perhaps unheard, where our needs weren’t met or we were belittled or ignored. Inner child healing can help to release these emotional wounds that have been dictating our lives and preventing us from fully loving ourselves.​

Your inner child has been shut down by all the words and actions that were repeated to you day after day, year after year. “Do what I say”, “You don’t know anything”, “What were you thinking”, “Stop doing that”, “You will never amount to anything”, these are just a few of the debilitating statements commonly made by adults to children. Your inner child has created a reality that kept you functioning to make others happy and keep you safe.

However, as an adult you have the chance to take control of who you really are. Now it is you time to give your inner child the tools to reach the life you were born to live. Now is the time to heal your inner child’s heart giving you a life of passion, joy and security.

Here at Pathway Therapies I offer a two-session Inner child healing package. Session one consists of a gentle guided hypnotic session to meet and connect with your inner child. In a space of nurture and love I will guide you through communication with your inner child so that you can hear what he/she wants you to know so that you can begin the process of releasing old emotional wounds that are holding you back.

Session two will guide you back through gentle hypnosis and visualisation to periods in your childhood or earlier life which need healing; there we can work on a deep level to let go of any pain or hurt that you may be holding onto and give healing, love and support to the younger you; thereby facilitating deep inner release work.

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Cost:  £70 per hour’s session and includes an mp3 ‘connecting with your inner child’ recording.