Let Go & Let Flow

Fear = control = stress = fear = control = stress…..see a pattern emerging?

Everything in our lives is and yet we so easily find ourselves resisting a situation, becoming fearful, untrusting and stressed; resulting in striving in mind, emotion and action to assert control over everything around us in an attempt to alleviate our discomfort.

The fear and stress of resistance can so often be the road block to a smoother journey; inhibiting solutions and serving only to exacerbate the presenting situation.  So, am I suggesting that we all head for the garden and get comfy on a sun lounger and pretend whatever is happening isn’t happening?  Not at all!  By all means get comfy on a sun lounger and enjoy the gorgeous weather, but ‘letting go and letting flow’ isn’t about denial or finding the proverbial pile of sand to bury your head in!

Releasing resistance allows the energy around a situation to dissipate. Those who are familiar with the teachings of Abraham (Hicks) will recognise the metaphor of letting go of the oars and ceasing to paddle upstream!

Relinquishing resistance allows for expansion – gone are the blinkers that furnish minimal solutions and instead, expansive vision enables greater potential.

The well-trodden path of fear and resistance loses its power when we realise that its essence is often worry about a possible future event.  We spend so much time seeking to work through ‘solutions’ to an as yet unknown future that we narrow the field of potentiality and expansion in the present moment.

Change is the nature of our human experience; we can so often feel impotent to its tides; viewing ourselves as the sea farer without a life jacket, at the mercy of the sea’s rhythms.  We so often cling to the shore line; preferring the ‘safety’ of the known to the waves of change.  Our fear-based reactions to change are often forged out of old responses, mind-sets and behaviours; our egos resistant to the soul’s yearning for expansion.

When we quieten the mind – perhaps whilst sitting on our sun lounger and recognise past responses, patterns and triggers, we can start to reach a space of letting go.  Neither resisting nor avoiding – neither passive nor aggressive.

Life flows; challenges present, forks in the road appear and confusions can at times abound and yet we always have a choice as to how we choose to respond to any situation.  Once the initial natural human reactions dissipate, there can be a place of empowerment and calm in recognising this.

Providing ourselves with a space for reflection, even amid the crashing waves, can lessen resistance and allow flow.  Within this space there can be an awareness of whether there are aspects within the situation that require or would benefit from attention, coupled with a release of those aspects that cannot be solved or focused on at that time.

Flow is essentially the energy of the universe moving us towards greater expansion and consciousness.

Flow allows for the fear of change to disperse so that we are not afraid of moving forward.  As with any new skill we are learning, it becomes easier in time and the practice of flow becomes quicker and more habitual.  There is a tremendous sense of freedom and empowerment from allowing flow; moving out of the stuckness, powerlessness and resistance that so often accompany fear.

Embrace the sacred dance of flow; allow life to take you in its arms and lovingly guide you towards your next steps.  Dance as a partner with life, not a conqueror thereof.  Now…has anyone seen my sun lounger?!

With love and Blessings x

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