Let’s Get Authentic


It’s been a strange old year hasn’t it – to put it mildly!  I don’t know about you, but I have found that in a stripping away of so many external aspects of life I have had the opportunity to dive deeper into my connection with myself.

Kicking and screaming initially, when, as many will resonate, ‘normal’ life was suddenly removed, I gradually worked through the shock and sudden change and discovered something quite interesting.

Amid the chaos and change arose the opportunity for utter, unashamed, unairbrushed and unapologetic authenticity!  How ironic that such freedom could be discovered amid an external demonstration of restriction.


So, what is all this ‘authenticity’ lark about you may be wondering and why has it got me excitedly tapping away at my laptop?


Authenticity is not aligned to what I do for a living, my various roles as mother, daughter, friend or what I own.  It represents who I am at my deepest core.  Thoughts, actions and words align and the persona I exhibit in the world echoes my inner truth.  It is an embracing on all levels of who I genuinely am and an opportunity for others to accept me for who I am at my core.

When we are being authentic, we are being vulnerable; we are exhibiting all parts of us; the good and the bad.  When we do this, we allow for more intimate, honest and unconditional connection.  It has been truly fascinating to observe this deeper self-exploration, facilitated, in part, through the semblance of increased global and community separation.  An unexpected gift!

Let’s dive deeper.

There is a quite unique sense of empowerment in knowing, becoming and being our unique selves.  To reach and maintain this level of self-awareness and expression, one has to explore and maintain personal boundaries which do not change or crumble through the opinions, ways and situations of others, unless such changes resonate of course.


Authenticity therefore is a commitment to self; not at the detriment of others, but out of love and respect for oneself.


Authenticity does not emanate from defensiveness, separation, judgement or perceived hierarchies.  This is invariably the ego at work.  It is a genuine, centred, loving and balanced vibration that emanates in private or public through words, deeds and behaviours.  It opens up the possibility of deeper, more genuine and powerful connections with others as well as with ourselves.

Opening the door to authenticity requires honesty, vulnerability and courage.  It also offers others the opportunity to discover whether authenticity resonates with them.


Honesty, vulnerability and courage.  Three words that pack a punch…. But how do we embrace these brave aspects?


Start by identifying what you appreciate and love or like about yourself, as well as aspects you may wish to work on within yourself.  What are you passionate about?  What brings you joy?  What are you grateful for and who are the kind of people you feel aligned with?

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?  Once you understand and accept your true self and fully become relaxed with who you are, you are well on your way to embracing authenticity.  No more comparing yourself to others.


Have you stopped to realise that you are unique; there is only one of you!  How can you begin to embrace that?

Let it go and authenticity will flow!  When we can release guilt and self-limiting thoughts; acknowledging that the past is the past and the present moment is the powerful point of creation, we can breathe out and find greater peace with who we are.


Commit to this process, be patient and your authentic self will align more and more with all aspects of who and how you show up in life.

When we make changes within ourselves, others will notice.  Some may support such changes and others may not.  It can be useful to remember that some people don’t want us to change as it may bring up fear or threaten aspects within themselves that they are perhaps not ready to address.  Others may display jealousy or seek to diminish your new found sparkle.  Let’s revisit the ‘boundaries’ word we started out with.  Holding an awareness of the b-word as well as remembering that we don’t need to internalise other peoples’ reactions or responses if they don’t resonate, is key.

Get busy doing and being you; allow others to focus on being themselves. 


As the past year has demonstrated, life is change.  Our external circumstances may change; relationships may come and go and situations may evolve or dissolve.  The one constant we have in our lives is ‘Me’.  When you invest in your most precious relationship and show up just as you are; being unapologetically you from your heart, you embrace a gift.

So perhaps, just perhaps, the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others is living authentically.  To be who we truly are; strengths, weaknesses.  We no longer seek to fit in, copying others to gain acceptance or be liked.  We no longer worry about presenting ourselves in a way that ticks other people’s boxes……

We find freedom; freedom in being true to ourselves and ultimately true to others in the process.  It is a choice to be real, honest and allow our authentic selves to shine.







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1 month ago

Great article Katja

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