Love Around the M25

Love Around the M25

“Love Around the M25” is the true story of one intrepid dater’s quest for love. It is the authentic, messy, humorous, serious, shocking, spiritual story of the 11 year journey of a seeker’s voyage to find love and ultimately herself.

From maximum security prison to chance encounters and dating sites, “Love Around The M25” is a story of immense emotional, mental & spiritual growth, traversing the roles of rescuer to romantic, needy to empowered, rejected to realistic. The reader is invited to laugh, reflect and immerse themselves in the dalliances, dilemmas and dramas along the journey to find ‘the one.’

“Love Around The M25” explores the notion that we have a choice as to whether we allow love to devalue, harm or dis-empower us or whether we choose to engage in a dance of greater self-awareness, heart-opening, freedom and positive growth.

My book is available for purchase from Amazon for £6.99.

Alternatively, if you would like a signed copy please message me to arrange this.