Past Life Regression Healing

Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit, fear, or other unusual behaviour comes from? Why do we think we’ve been somewhere before? Past Life Regression Healing is an exciting trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open to other worlds; worlds that were yours in another time.

Using deep relaxation techniques, clients are safely led back to past life memories and experiences. Any issues that are affecting your current life have the potential to be understood and released. Likewise, powerful skills and experiences can be re-experienced which can produce increased positivity in your present life.

So what will you encounter in these past lives? Some people discover lives that they have shared with people that they have a close bond with in their present life. Others are drawn to certain places or countries that they immediately feel comfortable and familiar with. Each life explored is a journey and an adventure for both the subject and the therapist, as well as a tool for potential healing and realising potential.

Past life regression healing can be an extremely valuable form of healing.  It provides a process to look at old problems or patterns in new ways – to reveal the underlying causes of either physical or emotional distress. Using the insights gained, we can focus on clearing old blockages and trace recurring patterns of behaviour.

You will also receive guidance from your Higher Self and any questions you have about your life or your path can be asked at this time.

The session ends with the removal of any blocks identified in the session, through a healing, cleansing invocation.

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Cost:  £80 per hour and a half session – includes an mp3 recording of the regression.