Ironically, in my last blog in February I explored the concept of being ‘selfish’; incorporating the notion that we cannot give to others if we are depleted ourselves.  In the midst of a nasty cold which was showing me that I needed to slow down, I felt that I had fully grasped this concept by allowing inward focus, time and reflection.  My slowing down concept therefore was in full swing and as such was a ticked box…..

Not quite…….

Fast forward to March and it seems that I had barely scratched the surface of ‘listening’ to the wisdom that is there for us to hear if we are able, willing and still.  It was therefore on a Wednesday afternoon a couple of weeks ago that the whisperings of the universe shouted rather more loudly and impatiently when I was brought to a frightening STOP in the form of a major car accident.  Given that (thankfully) it was only myself and now dearly departed vehicle involved, I realised pretty starkly that this was one of those ‘wake up calls’ we really don’t want to ignore……

What messages are we meant to hear when life calls us to a total and utter stop?  What is it that we are not hearing, not focusing on and not doing or being?  Having always been a firm believer in the universe/life/our higher selves being able to manifest situations and sudden changes if we are not listening to our inner guidance, not honouring our own needs, perhaps putting others’ needs before our own and so on, I have been pondering (and resisting and questioning) the greater meanings of all that has happened.

Many of us will be finding this 2017 year – a year which, in numerology, is a year of  change to make way for new beginnings, a time of real questioning of our life path, choices, those we share life with and changes we need to  make.  Change and manifestation are coming rapidly with the 1 energy of this year, so it is a real time for literally and proverbially cleaning out our closets!  Old energy has to be cleared away to allow a space for the new to enter.

Without vehicle for over two weeks now, I have listened to the voices of fear, loss, bewilderment and shock and allowed them to come to the surface.  Ensuing relationship loss and other sudden changes have initiated the creation of a daily practice to ensure that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are gently healed so that new, positive perspectives and opportunities take place.

If you are also going through huge upheaval in your life, you may find the following practices of assistance.  Even for those who are not riding the waves of change at this moment, the practice of daily exercises for mind, body and soul are only ever going to be beneficial.

For the physical body, I have been following Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine on YouTube as well as Prue Harris’s Tracing Your Radiant Circuits. These practices help align the flow of energy around our bodies, bring harmony, balance, happiness, health and energy protection.

For the Emotional aspects, it is imperative that we do all we can to bring joy into our lives; follow our joy, avoid stress and be mindful of people, situations and energies that create stress.  Ask yourself whether you are able to ask for help, accept help and say no when necessary.  As a therapist I have always been one, like most in this field, to offer help, give to others and I have learnt a very important lesson through the accident; to ask for help and accept it; not feeling that I have to simply give to others and not allow myself to receive help in return.

For the Mental Self, change and release create new, fertile ground to sow the seeds of new possibilities, ventures and paths.  Affirmations, positive visualisations and feelings are powerful ways to enhance this creative process when we have new, fertile ground in which to plant our dreams and wishes.

For the Spiritual Self, healing mantras, guided meditations and mindfulness; being in the moment, healing breaths and meditation all support a balanced, calm self.  Cherished spiritual books and healing mandalas heal and open the heart.

Our lives are precious and fleeting; we owe it to our hearts, minds and bodies to stop from time to time; check in with ‘me’ and listen to the wisdom that is all around us if we allow ourselves to hear.

So, as this month’s blog draws to a close, I wish you happy planting of all the new, exciting, glorious seeds this spring time.  ❤

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