I had a most relaxing Indian Head Massage today with Katja and afterwards had a half hour Reiki session, pretty sure I dosed off a couple of time, felt so relaxed and really quite floatie afterwards. Katja is very welcoming with friendly profession manner. A well deserved treat for myself!

Bob Stewart

I went to Katja for several months, she is a warm caring person ,you immediately feel a calm and relaxing atmosphere ,She is totally dedicated to her clients and I would have no hesitation in recommending her

Patricia Martin

I’ve attended Katja’s meditation classes and found them to be really enjoyable, informative, well organised and very friendly. Katja was warm and welcoming with a wonderful meditation voice. I left feeling really relaxed, inspired and connected. Thoroughly recommend.

Emma Tuzzio

I attend regular workshops with Katja and always feel warm and welcomed and free to talk openly in a small group of like minded people. Always a real treat to go to and always an empowering subject.

Hannah West

I’ve had reiki with Katja and it was a wonderful relaxing and healing experience. Katja puts you at ease and you feel nurtured in a safe environment.

Lesley Jepps

I had past life regression with Katja. Wow’s all I can say. I was unsure of what to expect or even if it would ‘work’ on me. I’d been so curious for so long but definitely felt nervous. Katja explained everything and made me feel really at ease and comfortable. Throughout the whole experience I felt in really good hands and totally relaxed. I had a really interesting regression that has left me with a very ‘connected to myself’ feeling. Katja is just very caring and very much made me feel at ease. Thank you so much !x


I had a past life regression with Katja a couple of days ago, I had never explored this before and was very curious, but slightly apprehensive about where it might lead. Katja was very reassuring as she lead me through what turned out to be a very intense and unexpected experience. I will definitely go again as I would like to explore further; I felt like I was in a very safe and protected environment with Katja. Thank you for helping me elicit a glimpse of my past 🙂


Attended the Archangel Michael workshop the other Sunday which was very relaxing and healing. A beautiful experience with a lovely group of souls, led by the amazing Katja. Also had 2 Inner Child sessions which were very beneficial in helping to clear and resolve some past hurts that were affecting me. The Spirit Chill evenings are a wonderful antidote to the stresses of life and a great way to meet other like minded souls. Already booked in for the Angel workshop in April. Katja is a kind, welcoming and lovely lady. Her home is an oasis of peace and tranquility. If you are thinking about going to see Katja then just go. You will love whatever you choose to try.


Since attending the workshop I have been working on the many techniques Katja guided us through. I have felt so much happier and lighter and I haven’t had as many if any negative thought since. It was an interesting and enlightening experience.


Would like to say a massive thank you to Katja for my first session with her on Friday. An amazing start to healing my Inner Child. Katja is an excellent healer and therapist and so kindly welcomes you into her home. The energy and vibration from her home is amazing and is the perfect setting for Katja to weave her healing magic and blessings. So looking forward to booking my next session. Thank you so much.

Mike Chorley

The Gratitude Workshop was the first time I met Katja and been invited into her home. Katja has provided a warm, comfortable and safe space for anyone who enters. She is extremely kind and the help she provides others on their spiritual journey is given freely and with love. I found it a very helpful and thought provoking process that continued over the next few days which has left me feeling lighter, relaxed and happier.

Liz Lawrie

I had a treatment with Katja and thoroughly enjoyed the process. It was very informative and insightful. She is warm friendly and professional. I would highly recommend and I will be going back to experience more of her services in the future.

N. Bloomfield

A really positive, professional and relaxing space. It has a wide range of treatments on offer so will be beneficial for everyone and their specific needs. Katja is friendly, kind and very welcoming!

L. Potts

Have been to Katja’s workshop, taster hypnotherapy and other therapies. Katja is amazing and very knowledgeable and an absolute joy to be in the presence of. Katja is warm, friendly and caring and I feel privileged to have met her. I will continue to attend regular workshops and highly recommend them.

SJ Clark

Well what can I say….. I have been regressed today for the very first time and it was out of this world!!!! It looks like I’m a very old soul that has been here several times. I cannot wait to have my email with all the info written up! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing this with Pathway Therapy…. Gorgeous lady, beautiful soul, you have given me so much today. xxxx Thank you

Wendy De Ath

This lady is amazing, I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Sara Jane

The ” Spirit Chill” evening was lovely and relaxing and very professionally guided by Katja.


Thanks for a great workshop. Loved the meditation. Felt totally relaxed.

Anne Hill

I had a wonderful past life regression yesterday with Katja. Also the healing was amazing. I would recommend Katja to everyone x

C Willis

I have had 2 regression therapies and enjoyed several workshops with Katja. I have always, without exception come away from these with a better understanding of myself. I have also got some of her hypnotherapy cd’s which I continue to use periodically for specific issues, as and when they come up in my life.


I came to Katja for counselling after my relationship broke down. I was in a very low place and working with Katja really helped me to start my healing process and to be able to move on with my life. Her help was invaluable.

L. Knight

I received reiki and counselling from Katja when I was going through… a very difficult period in my life. It helped me through and I came out a stronger person.